Thank you for your interest. My business name is Williams & Co. The following is a brief history.

1974 began business as a silversmith, using the business name "The Silver Lining."
1975 learned stone cutting and setting, and then goldsmithing in 1978.
1986 to 1990 operated a small jewelry shop near Manchester and Geyer in Kirkwood, Missouri.
1990 to 2009, operated a small jewelry shop by appointment at 12025 Manchester Rd. #110A, phone (314) 821-3750. Participated in arts and crafts shows since the very beginning, more than 30 years ago. I do not do custom or repair work.

I like to discover and appreciate the beauty in gemstones and metals. It brings great joy to me to share my discoveries with others; my business lets me do this. Your business lets me continue this. I sincerely appreciate you, and all who are my "family of customers." My hope is that today's purchase will be tomorrow's heirloom for you and your family. Thanks. Discover each day.

Williams & Co

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